Is Still River Creative different? You decide.

We’re agile.
It’s a shame this word became so cliché. Agility is crucial, and its benefits are real.

Small is nimble. In a three-executive company, decisions can be made instantly. Consensus can be reached rapidly and policy can be instituted or changed the same day. On every project, accountability rests with a single project manager. If you’re a client who likes things done right the first time with a minimum of fuss, you’ll find we’re a good fit.

Small is powerful. There's no doubt a big-agency creative team can offer high-value conceptual thinking. But a small, seasoned creative team can too. No one has a monopoly on ideas.

Thus, agility can benefit every business process, every workflow, every deliverable.

We’re accountable.
We’re not suggesting other agencies or companies aren’t accountable. But it’s a fact that fewer layers translate into more direct accountability. On a project produced by a small team that reports directly to top management, accountability is immediate.

No trickle-down necessary.
In an über-lean company, there is no waiting for company vision, values, and working style to flow down through the ranks. The personality of the leader is the personality of the company.

Principles over profit.
Pro bono work aside, on rare occasions there may be a project on which we cannot be profitable. Perhaps there is unforeseeable scope creep; maybe there are changes with client or stakeholders. Even in these situations you'll find the quality of our thinking, the quality of our work, is no different than that which we bring to our most valued client.

Why? Call it work ethic, personal pride, or something else. We couldn’t look at ourselves in the mirror if we were to do otherwise. Not looking for praise or recognition; just putting it out there.

If the discussion on this page resonates and we sound like a group you might like to work with, please get in touch.

the Still River Creative team
posted November 2016


Founded 2008